Seasonal Flower Wraps

Seasonal Flower Wraps

PriceFrom £10.00

ONLY AVAILABLE APRIL - SEPTEMBER. Available for Friday delivery or collection only. 


The best seasonal flowers the Tales From cutting garden has to offer. Unfortunately we can't accommodate specific colour requests with this item. No wrap is the same but will contain whatever is in season and at it's best on the day you need it.

Available in 3 sizes

None of our gift flowers are flown in. They are all grown free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. All our packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable.

If you live outside of the free TN33 delivery zone you can still order but there will be a charge for delivery. Alternatively you can arrange to collect your flowers from the studio in Crowhurst, East Sussex.

Beautiful, sustainable and like nothing you'll find at the supermarket.

  • Care Instructions

    To prolong the life of your flowers please place them in water as soon as you receive them following these instructions:

    • Cut a little off the stems at an angle with sharp scissors
    • Place in room temperature water using the flower food sachet provided
    • Make sure your vessel or vase is clean.
    • Do not place in direct sunlight.
    • Replace the water regularly
    • Remove any flowers or foliage that start to die to keep the others lasting as long as possible.